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Additional support

This section of our website is dedicated to any additional support you may need.


Bowel Screening

NHS bowel cancer screening checks if you could have bowel cancer. It’s available to everyone aged 60 to 74 years. The programme is expanding to make it available to everyone ... [continue] Bowel Screening

Breast Screening

NHS Breast Screening Programme Initial screening invitations have been sent out to our patients. These are for patients between their 50th and before their 53rd birthday. We strongly advise all patients attend ... [continue] Breast Screening

Cervical Screening ( Smear test)

Cervical screening (a smear test) checks the health of your cervix. The cervix is the opening to your womb from your vagina. It’s not a test for cancer, it’s a ... [continue] Cervical Screening ( Smear test)

FIT test sample

The below video explains the FIT test, when it has been given to you by your doctor to help to investigate symptoms that you may be having. You should follow ... [continue] FIT test sample

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Do you feel you are suffering with your mental health and wellbeing? Would you like some support? Please see the below links to websites where you can find support if ... [continue] Mental Health and Wellbeing